My Story

My Story

Hey Indigo babes,

I see you’ve come to learn a little about your injector!

I dreamt about having a career in cosmetic injectables since I was a teenager. In 2012, I graduated from JCU and started working at the Townsville Hospital and a short contract on Palm Island.

The dream came back into my mind while I was having my skin treated by the beautiful babe, Judy Oats, who gave me the push I needed to make the dream a reality. Judy invited me to join her at Addesso, and with a small loan from my parents, Indigo Injectables was born.

At first, all I did was anti-wrinkle because I couldn’t afford filler, but the business grew and flourished into the place I had always dreamed about.


I always wanted a space that I would want to go to. Where there is no rush, and being available and present to answer questions and ensure my clients make educated and safe choices. I also have the freedom to say ‘no’ to someone, if I genuinely think it is the right thing to do; I put my conscience over my bank account. Indigo is about growing organically, without being in-your-face and trying to dazzle people with promotions, giveaways or competitions.

My beautiful partner of 14 years is named Shaun, and together we have 3 cats named Spaghetti, Cowboy and George Michael. I have my sister here in Townsville, and my Mum, Dad and brother live in Western Australia.

So glad you got to learn about me!

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